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Central Venous Occlusion Repair Specialist

Humble Vascular Surgical Center

Interventional Nephrologist & Interventional Vascular Specialist located in Humble, TX

To preserve the health of your central veins and prevent the loss of a hemodialysis access point, the providers at Humble Vascular Surgical Center in Humble, Texas, offer central venous occlusion repair. The vascular surgeons specialize in several strategies to repair the occlusion and ensure you can continue with hemodialysis to manage your overall health. Find out if central venous occlusion repair is right for you by calling Humble Vascular Surgical Center or booking an appointment online today.

Central Venous Occlusion Repair Q&A

What is central venous occlusion repair?

A central venous occlusion is an obstruction of a central vein. This obstruction might result from a clot or stenosis, a condition that describes a narrowing of your vein.

Among several possible causes of stenosis in a vein are:

  • Ports
  • Stents
  • Hemodialysis catheters
  • Previous angioplasty

The goal of central venous occlusion repair is to open the obstructed vein to ensure blood can flow properly. The procedure also helps reduce swelling and other side effects of stenosis and clots to reduce your risk for infection and the loss of access to the catheter.

Why would I need central venous occlusion repair?

Those undergoing hemodialysis to treat renal (kidney) failure commonly develop stenosis in their veins because of the hemodialysis catheter placement needed to access blood.

If you have renal failure, it’s important to protect your central veins and prevent clots from interfering with your hemodialysis and overall health.

When you develop swelling or pain at the access site because of a clot or stenosis, the Humble Vascular Surgical Center providers can determine if you need a central venous occlusion repair procedure.

They use on-site diagnostic imaging tests to evaluate the flow of blood through your veins and physically examine the access site to ensure you’re free of infection and skin sores.

What’s involved in central venous occlusion repair?

The Humble Vascular Surgical Center providers have several strategies to treat central venous occlusion. Depending on your condition, you might need:


Angioplasty involves the insertion of a balloon into the central vein. Your surgeon inflates the balloon to widen the space in your vein so that blood can flow freely.


Following an angioplasty, your surgeon can place a mesh stent inside the treated blood vessel to keep it open in the long term.

Surgical bypass

Surgical bypass involves creating a new route for the blood to travel, so it can bypass the damaged vein.

Surgical reconstruction

In some cases, surgical reconstruction of the vein is needed to help your blood flow properly and to protect your access point for hemodialysis.

To find out if you’re a candidate for central venous occlusion repair, call Humble Vascular Surgical Center or book a consultation online today.